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LED Center Basket Troffer Luminaire – TECBTA SERIES

The LED Center Basket Troffer Luminaire from Techno LED Lights is an energy-efficient and durable lighting solution with high lumens per watt. It is mercury and lead-free, with a frosted PC lens and white aluminum body. It has optional extras such as a sensor and emergency battery backup, and it can be installed in various settings. It has a 150-degree beam angle, instant start with no humming, and is versatile and adaptable. The luminaire is available for a lay-in T-bar grid or drop-in ceiling mount, cable install, or surface mount install.

LED Center Basket Troffer Luminaire TK-CBT4™ SERIES

LED Center Basket Troffer Luminaire is the perfect solution for tackling a wide range of customer needs. Its heavy-duty die-cast aluminum body is sealed dirt and bug-proof. It is equipped with a 0-10V Dimmable, flicker-free, high-quality isolated driver and optional motion sensor. Plus, with DLC Premium, ETL Listed, and CRI 80 certifications, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality, efficient, and effective LED Center Basket Troffer Luminaire.

LED Adjustable Wall Pack Module TKWP05TM Series

The LED Adjustable Wall Pack Module TKWP05TM Series is a durable and energy-saving lighting solution for outdoor spaces. It has an adjustable direction from 0-90 degrees, customizable lighting levels, and an instant start feature. It is easy to install and has a long lifespan of up to 50,000 working hours. It is made of high-quality materials such as die-casting aluminum alloy and a UV-resistant polycarbonate refractor lens. It provides optimal outdoor lighting and is a worthwhile investment.


LED Flood Light TK-FL01TM Series

Get your hands on the best LED floodlight, TK-FL01TM Series, from TechnoLED Lights. This waterproof LED floodlight is perfect for outdoor floodlight, LED lighting, LED outdoor lighting, LED Floodlight fixture, LED floodlight bulb, and outdoor LED floodlight. Get the best LED floodlights for your lighting needs now!


LED Full Cut-Off Wall Pack TK-WP02™ SERIES

The LED Full Cut Off Wall Pack is an energy-efficient luminaire that provides precise illumination for perimeter and security lighting. It features LED modules that rotate, is mercury and lead-free, and has a high-quality isolated driver for 0-10V dimming. The heavy-duty die-cast aluminum body is fully sealed, dirt and bug-proof, and easy to install. The optional photocell ensures that the light is always ready, and it’s an ideal choice for various outdoor lighting applications, providing exceptional illumination in any outdoor setting. 

LED Traditional Wall Pack TK-WP01™ SERIES

The LED Traditional Wall Pack from Techno LED Lights is an eco-friendly, mercury and lead-free replacement for traditional Metal Halide, high-pressure sodium, and halogen-type wall packs. It efficiently illuminates perimeter and security areas with a wide beam angle of approximately 100º. Made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum, it is fully sealed, bug, and dirt-proof for long-lasting outdoor lighting. The wall pack is easy to install with two mounting options and offers a 0-10V dimming capability with an optional photocell feature.


LED Wall Pack With 3 CCT Selectable TK-WP01™ SERIES

The TekTron LED Wall Pack with PC Diffuser is ideal for outdoor lighting in commercial buildings. It has a glass refractor and PC cover that produces bright and even illumination at 140Lm/W. It can replace any wall pack light and offers flexible lighting options, including tunable color and 0-10V dimming. This LED wall pack has a long lifespan of 50,000 working hours, is certified for outdoor use, and comes with a five-year warranty. Installation is easy, with instant start technology and no annoying humming. Overall, it’s a reliable and efficient outdoor lighting solution.


Tektron LED Full Cut-off Wall Pack Watt & CCT Selectable TK-WPX2 Series

The TekTron LED Full Cut-off wallpack, TK-WPX2 is an energy-saving lighting solution perfect for commercial outdoor lighting in buildings. With a luminous efficacy of 120-140 Lm/W and a power factor of >0.90, it offers efficient and bright illumination. The wallpack features 0-10V dimming and selectable three-color and wattage outputs, allowing for customization. Its durable die-casting aluminum housing and heatsink make it resistant to outdoor wet locations. The wallpack also offers easy installation with various mounting options and comes with certifications such as ETL Listing, DLC Premium, and IP65 Rated, ensuring its quality and safety.

Tektron LED Slim Wall Pack 3 Wattage & CCT Selectable, TK-WP06 Series.

The Tektron LED Slim Wall Pack, TK-WP06 series from TechnoLED, is an energy-saving and highly efficient outdoor lighting solution. Its wattage switchable feature and 3 CCT selectable options provide flexibility and customization. The installation process is quick and easy, offering multiple mounting possibilities. It is certified with IP65-rated standards and is suitable for outdoor and wet location applications. Ideal for illuminating various areas, it comes with a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind.


Wall Light Up Down Cylindrical Lamp Black TKPL-UPD-18X1B

The Wall Light Up Down Cylindrical Lamp in Black is a high-quality, stylish fixture perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces. It has a sleek, modern design made from high-quality die-cast aluminum with a tempered glass diffuser. The RGBW light creates a cozy, comfortable atmosphere with long-lasting LED lights integrated into the fixture. It is also flicker-free, non-IC & damp location rated, safe, and reliable with an adjustable beam angle of 15°, 30°, 60°, or 90°. The lamp has a lifespan of up to 50,000 and complies with ROHS, ETL, CE, and IP65-rated standards. It has a 5-year warranty and a pre-installed universal mounting plate for easy installation.


The 25W Low Voltage EM Battery Backup is a high-quality emergency power source that provides up to 90 minutes of power to lighting fixtures during unexpected power outages. It is field installable, adjustable for voltage and current, and ideal for commercial applications. The product is UL Recognized and features a sturdy metal body and an enclosed driver, charger, battery, and MC cable for safety and durability. It also includes a test switch and charge indicator accessory kit. The recyclable Ni-Cad battery has a life expectancy of 7-10 years and is designed to work with switched and unswitched fixtures. The product ensures optimal performance by dialing the code to the suitable rated voltage and keeping the battery temperature below 50 degrees Celsius. The 25W Low Voltage EM Battery Backup is a versatile and reliable emergency lighting product for peace of mind during power outages.

2” Deep Anti-Glare Downlight TKJXL-COB02-R08W-3CCT

This is a commercial-grade LED downlight that provides bright and long-lasting performance, suitable for residential and commercial applications. It offers a flicker-free lighting experience with dimming capability, COB LED technology, and a non-IC and damp rating that delivers 24°/36° beam angles up to 50,000 working hours. It is easy to install, has an external driver in a junction box that simplifies installation, and offers an instant start with no humming. The 2” LED anti-glare downlight is both durable and efficient, making it an excellent choice for any environment that requires high-quality lighting.